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About us

Bitcoin and Crypto Trading LTD uses two main business lines in its own business.

    The first direction provides hardware crypto-mining of the main crypto currency. In particular, Bitcoin and Crypto Trading LTD carries out the mining of Bitcoin, Litecoin and Etherum Classic. In order for the mining to be successful and bring the company a consistently high profit, a constant upgrade of ASIC miners is required and the introduction of new, more modern, powerful and fast mining stations

Putting emphasis on optimizing overheads for the mining of crypto currency, Bitcoin and Crypto Trading LTD places its mining farms in regions with minimal electricity prices. The company also pays close attention to the latest developments in the field of hardware mining and the development of new specialized chips that are used for mining. In addition, Bitcoin and Crypto Trading LTD is constantly developing its own software and recently, on the order of the company, a new unique controller was developed, capable of increasing the speed of the miners by 20%, which also significantly reduces overhead costs and, accordingly, increases the companys profit.

All these measures for the development of hardware mining and optimization of expenses have one goal: to increase the companys influence in the international market of pool mining and create the prerequisites and real prospects for Bitcoin and Crypto Trading LTD to become the majority holder of Bitcoin wallets in the very near future. The second business line of Bitcoin and Crypto Trading LTD is active cryptotrading on the worlds major crypto-exchange exchanges. Our interests in this sense have the widest geography and we are constantly expanding the range of trading operations. Due to the fact that Bitcoin and Crypto Trading LTD uses a comprehensive approach to the implementation of crypto-trading, our successes in this area of ​​business are in constant positive development.

Consolidating investment funds in combination with interventions of crypto-currency reserves, we exert a definite influence on the overall trend of trading sessions and achieve the necessary results for our company in 100% of cases .. Consecutive trading, which is a continuous chain of transactions, as well as the moderation of the futures policy of trade operations create the necessary investment climate in the company and make our business as a whole attractive to external corporate and individual investors from around the world.